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What Would Happen If You Stopped Giving Up?

Today I needed a break from the gym, so I stayed home for a quick ride on the @peloton, and wanted to share a thought that got me through that insane Tabata ride.⠀ The last 1/4 of anything you do, matters more than the first 3/4. That’s basically progressive overload, and we can apply it to lots of things in life, right?⠀ Like those last three reps before technical failure or, current situation: those final intervals of Tabata⠀ Your transformation happens when the body adapts to the stimulus you’re providing.⠀ It’s the (and allow me to use this term loosely) ‘science’ behind the popular quote we all understand to be true: ⠀ ✨If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll be where you always were✨⠀ Lightbulb moment anyone? No? Crickets? It’s fine, let me just leave you with this:⠀

What would happen if you stopped giving up? Just keep going and find out 🖤⠀

August 23, 2019

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