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What heals me

When I ruminate on the places that heal me and inspire me, they are not at all what I used to think they had to be.

Things like sitting oceanside, escaping for spa day, a hike in the mountains are all certainly pleasurable - but do they ‘heal and inspire’ me?

Not really! And I had dig a little to figure that out.

For me the things that do this are more linked to experiences where:

🍃 I find my flow

⏳ Time doesn’t exist

🤯 I blink and one of the purest days of my life has just effortlessly *happened*

The unfortunate part about my healing and inspiring places, is that I realize them not so much when I am IN them, but once I reflect UPON them. Which truthfully, makes it harder to fabricate and just ‘dive in’ at anytime….but I can identify some of the themes that are consistent, which helps me find my way.

They are:

❤️Nature - just changing my environment from indoors to out - the best medicine there is

🧡Elements - rain pouring, leaves blowing, fire crackling, wind howling, water rushing, sun shining - they all light me up

💛Color - I am a ‘graige’ person when it comes to decor and style. Heck even my pets fall into this color palette. But when I immerse myself in color (blazing leaves, radiant sunsets, vivid rainbows, northern lights, a vibrant plate of food), I find myself rejuvenated and walking with a spring in my step

💚Cozy - weighted blankets, a new pair of socks, wearing a scarf, lighting a candle - easy wins

💙Shared experiences - it’s not guaranteed fun, in fact I’ll admit we are the worst at family games…but nothing heals me more than putting down whatever is in my hands or on my mind, and making memories with my people

So while I can’t just immediately transport myself to this magical space, taking the time to understand when I have the best chance of receiving the gifts of healing and feeling inspired, stacks the deck in my favor. And I’ll take my chances at silly catastrophes like getting caught in a downpour or a game of charades gone wrong any day.

Tell me, what fuels your healing and inspired energy! Is it more mainstream than mine? Am I missing the purity of sitting on the beach with a good book? Let’s inspire each other!

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