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What Got You Here Won't Get You There

THIS MINDSET👆 ⠀ One of the most effective, results-producing realizations I’ve had in the past 3 years.⠀ It’s true in life, but it lives and breathes in training and nutrition progression. ⠀ This thought sparked when I first heard about a concept called ‘the funnel analogy.’ I don’t know who to credit for its inception, but I absolutely love how relevant it is to a fitness journey.⠀ Every one of us will find ourselves at a crossroads (or plateau) where we have to decide just how deep we want to dig in order to keep pursuing a goal. ⠀ 📈Tactics will have to change⠀ 📌Focus will need to sharpen ⠀ ⚖️Sacrifices must be made⠀ There will be a grind as you push your mind and your body to new places. It will be taxing but it will also be exhilarating and empowering to see what you are capable of!⠀ Every one of us has a unique set of circumstances and threshold for change. Consider these external factors as well as your personal state of mental, physical and emotional stress when committing to your next step. Your goals are yours alone and only you can define what is best for you, then exeute by making THAT your priority.⠀ So, you decide: is the payoff worth the effort it takes to further your results knowing, the longer you’re IN the funnel, the more that’s required to progress?⠀ {✨Because what got you here won’t get you there✨}⠀ BUT, then understanding once you DO arrive, it’s like reaching the peak of a mountaintop; not at all overcrowded like base camp, making it some of the most satisfying air you’ll ever breathe 🏔 ⠀ Please share your story! Where are you right now? Taking a much needed break or is it time to double down??⠀

October 10, 2019

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