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What do we do in times of uncertainty? We adjust.

In times like this when we are feeling uneasy, uncertain or downright blindsided by a firehose of incoming circumstances, we are told to do the next right thing. To find the helpers. To follow the direction of our leaders.⠀ It is the simplest of efforts that will provide the greatest benefit right now. There are no medals for setting PRs in this moment. Minimal effective dose has never been more relevant. ⠀ Let’s all just take a moment to remember that maintenance is progress. ⠀ Think about what you want things to look like 6 months from today, considering we are all now living in this unpredictable, highly-charged environment.⠀ For a lot of people, turning to alcohol, nervous snacking and mindless consumption is a welcome distraction. I get it it. I’m feeling that pull into the pantry too.⠀ It is very likely many people will gain weight. Gyms have closed. Schedules have been upended. Habits are being challenged. Willpower only lasts for so long.⠀ It’s not bad - it is how we are wired as humans in times of distress.⠀ So how can we manage the uncertainly while still keeping our goals in mind? ⠀ We adjust.⠀ Eating more mindfully. Sitting down. We have no where to go and no deadlines to meet, so we have all the time in the world to practice slowing down.⠀ If I am feeling a primal urge to just eat, I am going to honor that. It’s biology and fighting it at full force is going to be a losing battle or at best, really hard thing to maintain, especially for weeks or months at a time.⠀ Slowly back away from that all or nothing mindset (and simultaneously all the Girl Scout cookies that were conveniently just delivered to you). Try to approach the coming weeks and months with a good-better-best mindset in decision making.⠀ If you’re in a deficit, maybe you take your calories up and practice mindfully living (enjoying!) maintenance or just below. ⠀ White knuckling your way through what is an unprecedented, historic culture shift will very likely lead to stress-induced behaviors. Give yourself some grace.⠀ You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go.

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