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Weight gain...when it is a benefit

In the past few weeks I’ve *paused* my gut healing protocol and shifted my approach.⠀

What does that mean?⠀

This is NOT an excuse to eat everything I want.....but I am enjoying anything I want.⠀

Can you sense the slight shift in mindset here? I hope so because it sure has offered me a fresh perspective on how to support my goals throughout the holidays.⠀

This anything-goes approach won’t last past Christmas for several reasons:⠀

⭐️My schedule is allowing me to enjoy things I wouldn’t normally engage in, like an occasional intermittent fast or super-long treadmill walk while I watch a Christmas movie. ⠀

⭐️Having ‘anything I want’ (even in small amounts) includes things that hurt my gut (gluten, eggs, lettuce, sugar). The consequences of this won’t be worth it for very long. Some lethargy, swelling and digestive discomfort will outweigh the fun in no time.⠀

⭐️It’s not sustainable for my health AND it’s counterproductive to my gut healing goals.⠀

So why do it? ⠀

A few benefits that to me, are offsetting steps backward in my gut healing:⠀

💗Sleep has been solid; 8-9 uninterrupted hours per night. For 3 weeks straight. This is unprecedented recovery.⠀

💗Experientially, it’s fun. I’ve never been more engaged ‘in the moment’ with my family.⠀

💗Weight gain. Is this a benefit?! That’s an UNCOMFORTABLE yes. I’ve lived in a very lean place for a long time and lost some muscle in the last 6 months. It’s time to right this ship, and even though a surplus trending toward holiday treats isn’t ideal, it’s only for several weeks so I am fine with the outcome of gaining some additional fat.⠀

The final weeks before the end of the year are always weird. Time moves at a strange pace, our schedules shift and it's easy to be distracted by the onslaught of celebrations. ⠀

Add to that in my world, 3 birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas and instead of trying to swim upstream, I feel that this year for me, there isn’t a better time to approach life in this way.⠀

I’ll either get the result I want or the lesson I need, right? 😉 ⠀

❓How do you approach these final weeks of the year? This is definitely a mindset #transformation I haven’t taken before.

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