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Try Giving Yourself the Energy to Rise & Grind

As macro counters we are taught to plan, which often leads to a tendency to ‘hoard our calories’ for later in the day so we don’t wind up in a starving-at-6pm situation. ⠀ If this is you, I have a challenge for you.⠀ There is a concept called ‘chrononutrion’ which is a term that broadly suggests that the best case scenario for weight loss comes when we eat in alignment with our body’s circadian rhythm.⠀ Following our natural hunger cues eclipses all other tactics when it comes to nutrient timing - whatever makes you feel best, is also conveniently going to be what supports your fat loss goals. (Because we we all know, adherence to a deficit reigns supreme)⠀ ‼️However, there is evidence that suggests partitioning most calories earlier and midway through the day (think your biggest meal happening before 3pm, then stair-stepping down the size of each subsequent snack or meal throughout the evening) actually burns more energy than when the same amount of calories are consumed in reverse‼️⠀ HOW?! I know, this goes against everything I want believe but keep reading because the law of energy balance really isn’t challenged here.⠀ It makes sense if you think about it; earlier energy input can lead to greater energy output throughout the day, because we’ve likely triggered an uptick in NEAT sooner than if we’d waited to fuel.⠀ I’d suggest the same applies to timing any meal in the day.⠀ Eat when you’re hungry; even if it means lunch is larger than usual and at 11am vs your ‘self-prescribed’ timestamp of 1pm. Chances are the next 4 hours will go by effortlessly because you listened to you body, and you won’t skip a beat before an afternoon snack and dinner comes along. ⠀ Moving a nutritious, planned meal up 1-2 hours if you are hungry will NOT cause you crippling hunger later in the day. You may be surprised it actually does the opposite. ⠀ And if it does?! Chances are you moved a lot more; add 200 extra calories in the form of protein and carbs and go to bed. For me a yogurt/jello bowl with PB2 and rice krispies is my favorite nightcap and allows me to go eat enough to fuel movement all day, and still go to bed satisfied.⠀ Does this speak to you?!

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