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Travel Essentials

Physically I am here. ⠀ Mentally I am sitting poolside ordering my third mojito. ⠀ But truthfully, that’s not what is going to happen because it isn’t what I really WANT out of my vacation this time around. We’ve got a week-long stay at a house with a pool in the sunshine state, and we’ll pretty much be living our family life on sabbatical ☀️🍊🍦🌈 ⠀ Thinking about how I want to feel provides me the clarity to know this: ⠀ I will not track my food. ⠀ I will meal prep a couple things I love. ⠀ I will have ice cream every day.⠀ I will get tons of steps and not go to the gym once.⠀ I will have the licks, bites and tastes of all the special things that don’t surface everyday.⠀ I may have a drink or two but only if I want them, not because I am on vacation.⠀ I will say yes much more than I will say no.⠀ Here’s some of the prep work I’ve done so I can fully enjoy every moment away with my family: ⠀ ✅ Preordered my instacart; delivery scheduled for the afternoon of our arrival⠀ ✅ Combined the dry ingredients for pumpkin oat bars; I’ll just add the wet and bake -done in minutes!⠀ ✅ Seasonings for 🌈chili portioned and packed so I can dump them into the ingredients that will be delivered⠀ ✅ Good shoes - we are staying in a neighborhood walking distance to a beach and commercial area so I don’t plan on getting in the car much once we arrive ⠀ ✅ I always bring a salad on the plane and a few frozen #zpo bars; If I don’t need them during or after my travel day, I’ll store them in the freezer for my trip home⠀ ✅ My favorite water tumbler and hot beverage mug⠀ ✅ Honorable mentions go to a few other favorites: melatonin, protein powder, Chomps beefsticks, tea, hot chocolate, stevia drops and of course my beloved g2g bars and Lily’s chocolate⠀ So while this may seem like a lot to prepare, these small efforts will actually enhance my relaxation and ability to embrace the ‘come what may’ vacation experience without feeling totally disoriented when we return home!⠀ And those three poolside mojitos? In my head they sound pretty dope right now so I think I’ll add some mint to my instacart list, you know, just in case 😉⠀ Do you prep for vacation like me?!

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