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TOP 5 Tips to Stop Quarantine Munchies!

At what point do all the amusing memes and jokes about quarantine 15 go from a far off consequence to the current state of affairs? ⠀

If you’ve been including food as part of your coping toolbox and it feels right to you, I am not here to suggest you change a thing. Any way someone can manage life right now in a way that feels good, I am 100% here for. If this is you, carry on friend! But this post isn’t for you.⠀

If you’re someone who feels your days have been a revolving door of mindless snacking and zero accountability, and you’re ready to step into another phase of managing life, read on.⠀

Here are my top 5 tips to prevent mindless snacking:⠀

Include something delicious at every meal and prioritize protein. If you are mindlessly snacking, you are very likely NOT out of food, thus only ever a few hours away from your next meal. There is no reason to not plan food you love (#cakepopblondie lunch over here)⠀

Always have a full tumbler of water within arms reach…or something like it! I count unsweetened tea, sparkling water and even 1-2 tumblers/day with something like TruLemon toward my water consumption. When you are properly hydrated not only will digestion be on point, but you’ll be more satiated between meals.⠀

Prioritize recovery in the form of sleep and rest days. We actually burn quite a large percentage of our energy while we sleep! Without enough, hormones that trigger snacking and hunger are on overdrive. And those workouts we crush? Without recovery, there can be no adaptation to build up that muscle breakdown!⠀

Include movement until it becomes something you do without even thinking. At first you may need to be intentional by setting an hourly alarm to stretch or do 5 pushups (if if you did 5 on the hour all day, that would be 60). If you can’t take 1-2 short walks at a strolling pace each day, find another way to move your body!⠀

THE MOST IMPORTANT in my opinion: have a plan. It’s really hard want some junky dino-shaped nuggets when you have ingredients for a delicious crunchwrap or leftover Rainbow Chili with your name on it. Don’t just half-ass plan until lunch - having your full day laid out will make all the difference. ⠀

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