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Tips To Optimize Your Environment

There is lots of research out there that touts optimizing your environment as the golden ticket to forming new habits and achieving successful outcomes to your goals.⠀ Exactly 98.2% of the time, if I can do something now, I will. But I haven’t always been this way. I think the unpredictability of motherhood did this to me 🤣 Years ago I realized that it really calmed me to live in a state of anticipation vs. reaction. ⠀ My daily optimization list:⠀ ✅I lay out my clothing, shoes, ear buds and any accessories needed for my workout before bed⠀ ✅Review my training the night before; watch demos, consider substitutions and have a plan for my equipment to get in and get out as quickly as possible⠀ ✅As soon as I get home from the gym, I refill a water bottle and put it in the fridge for the next day⠀ ✅Plan/log my meals the night before - sometimes I follow to the letter and sometimes I don’t, but having a framework helps me substitute and eliminate waste⠀ ✅Prepare my overnight oats and yogurt bowl bases - even if I don’t use them the next day, they’ll be good for several more. ⠀ ✅Prep the coffee pot the day before so in the morning I just hit a button and 💥 COFFEE 💥⠀ ✅Eat mostly the same foods for breakfast and lunch - because I LOVE them and it takes all the thinking out of it⠀ My family optimization list:⠀ ✅While kids are doing homework, I make the next day’s lunches⠀ ✅No laundry baskets! At the end of the day we put our dirty clothing in the washer and I wash it that night. Clothing is folded and kids put it away when they get home from school⠀ ✅ Rarely do I scroll through any social if I am not walking. We got a cheap treadmill off Craigslist and it gets so much use! I walk slow, and do things like shop amazon, target cartwheel or online grocery orders⠀ ✅If I can double or triple a recipe I always do. Our freezer is stacked with extra casseroles, frozen cookie dough and breakfast bars. I like to have things on hand to pull out in a pinch or give to families who could use them⠀ Which are you? The procrastinator or the anticipator?⠀

September 13, 2019

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