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Three things I wish everyone knew before starting a fitness journey

Wait what?!⠀

Details please...⠀

If you’re nailing your macros and your workouts but can’t quite figure out the disconnect between your efforts and your results, this is for you.⠀

OR if you’ve ever struggled to hang on to results, start here:⠀

Three things I wish everyone knew before starting a fitness journey 👇⠀

1. The most impressive physical transformations can be some of the most fragile if there is not a solid foundation in mindset. Do not neglect this work. Step 1 is believing you are capable. Step 2 is acknowledging every shred of evidence that supports this along the way.⠀

2. Chase the challenges. The road to success is paved by obstacles because they teach you the tools you need to overcome them. They are essential to maintaining that goal long term. These experiences will get you the result you want or the lesson you need.⠀

3. Look out for self-sabotage that runs deeper than making excuses. Tendencies like people pleasing, turning 1 day off plan into 3 weeks, and allowing perfect to be the enemy of good, are all things to let go of. Belief systems must be challenged.⠀

There is no way around this work - only through it; and without learning how to recalibrate, retool, reset, rebuild….there is no concrete bridge to the other side. ⠀

And if you ARE successful without this work, at the first turbulent life encounter you may find yourself jumping from the plane with your results in bag of rocks, instead of a parachute. ⠀

None of these things came naturally to me at first either, and it wasn’t until I kept picking myself back up and learning from my mistakes, that I began to overcome them. And it’s still hard!⠀

Anything in my list of ‘things I wish I knew’ surprise you? Please share one of your own with me 📝⠀

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