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This one takes a turn...did you see it coming?

One Year Difference⠀

3lbs up in average weight. Measurements up slightly.⠀

Let’s play a game: ⠀

What advice would you give me?⠀

A. Drop my calories⠀

B. Switch to a keto macro split⠀

C. Add a few long runs to my training⠀

D. Panic and bake cookies ⠀

Ok trick question because I am not doing any of that.⠀

Do you know why I am not worried?⠀

I’ll give you a list:⠀

✨Maintenance weight is a range⠀

✨My clothing fits me fine - even jeans⠀

✨My performance is good in the gym⠀

Most importantly:⠀

👉 I’ve been tracking my data and I know the trends👈⠀

Over the course of the past 365 days my average weight has lived mostly within a 3lb range. ⠀

Diving deeper into my biofeedback, in the past three months my sleep has been subpar and my stress has been high. ⠀

Could that affect weight? FOR SURE.⠀

Here’s some more truth: ⠀

I might have gained a little fat. ⠀


I might just be at the top of my range.⠀

But guess what focusing on THIS largely irrelevant detail is called?⠀

Self-sabotage. This is what it looks like when we actively or passively take steps to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. Opting for A, B, C or D above would be doing just that. ⠀

You know what diffuses self sabotage? Acknowledgement of the data. Then taking action based on what that collection of information is telling you!⠀

So let me encourage you to pause next time you see a bump on the scale and gather ALL the info surrounding your intake, measurements and biofeedback before letting emotions override your next steps.⠀

There is a very good chance you are getting results you want, but simply not looking in the right places. ⠀

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