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#TheCandyChallenge REBOOT - 2020

There has been so much interest in continuing the conversation surrounding good-better-best decision-making and abundance mindset, which is so encouraging!⠀

You see, it was here that I finally began to find my way out of old habits that provoked self-sabotage. ⠀

#TheCandyChallenge (check my highlights if this is the first you’re seeing this) is just one way to practice growth-minded behaviors; but as with anything lifestyle-related, should not be applied in one-size-fits-all approach.⠀

I think too often we try to copy and paste EXACT methods we see others doing when at the end of the day, it is about the principles, not the precise methods, that move the needle.⠀

For instance, if baking a batch of cookies causes you to eat a batch of cookies, don’t start there. ⠀

My current status on cookies is this: unless I can have half a dozen right out of the oven, I’m not satisfied. Is this ideal? No, but it sure is great progress from eating the entire batch in a day or two like I used to do. So I accept that reality, choose to proceed accordingly, and welcome the insight and progress I gain each time I take this messy, imperfect action.⠀

But I didn’t start there. I chose something that was more of a ‘yellow-light’ for me (Halloween candy) because it’s generally not tempting unless sitting around my house en-masse (which it rarely is). ⠀

Great practice, but not a super high risk endeavor right out of the gate.⠀

However, I think it’s especially worth practicing with foods you want to enjoy on a regular basis (even everyday) and not just once a year.⠀

This for me was chocolate; time well spent because now I can love it and leave it.⠀

Obviously it doesn’t mean I’ll never eat cookies or bite-sized butterfingers again! It just means that when I do, it requires more awareness because I’ve had less practice. ⠀

But it’s not nearly has hard as it used to be because what IS consistent for me, is practicing abundance mindset in some way every day. ⠀

Once I began to push myself outside my comfort zone I started to see small amounts of growth that added up like compound interest over time.⠀

It felt really good to reclaim my path. What will you reclaim today?

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