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Maybe you’ve heard. I am just one more person in the very crowded space of needing to improve my heath from the inside out. ⠀

Over the past several years I have had a lot of goals. ⠀

Aesthetics, performance and health has been driving me to optimize my life in ways I didn’t know I was capable of even 5 years ago.⠀

I’ve always subscribed to the idea that sometimes the people who look like they have it the most together are actually the ones who need the most help.⠀

I just naively never thought it would be me.⠀

I’ve always been self-driven in educating myself on how to achieve my goals, and up until this point, the university of google and a handful of incredible minds here in this space helped me get there.⠀

But when my onset of symptoms became more than I could handle, I knew suddenly the support I needed was above my pay grade.⠀

So here is a meaty post about my journey SO FAR. Please note, this process is different for everyone. When you see the foods I have reduced but still enjoy, don’t come at me. I am figuring this out.⠀

Just because this is what I am doing NOW does not mean it is what I will do forever. I may have to at some point restrict more or differently, but the goal is to go all in now, figure this out so I can get back to the land of ‘everything in moderation’ just as soon as I heal my body.⠀

Focusing on what I CAN do rather than where I am limited is helping me overcome some of the mental barriers and cravings I'm experiencing. I am someone who likes to feel like I am actively DOING something to move the needle in my goals so it can be frustrating when protocols suggest countless things to take away.⠀

I am far from an expert on any of these topics. So please don’t take my words as gospel or even suggestions - I am simply sharing my journey and what is happening for me. And if there is one thing abundantly clear about this process, it is that bioindividualty reigns, and there is no one protocol that will be right for two people. ⠀

However, I am all for crowd-sourcing when it comes to support, ideas, feedback and resources! So please, if you have thoughts, ideas or questions you could share I would love to hear them👇⠀

You can read the other 10 slides on my instagram page!

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