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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Have you ever been in a place where you are taking all the actions but not getting any of the results? ⁠

And to complicate things, new suggestions for the BEST or FASTEST way to are flying by like a meteor shower…⁠

<Ope! Can’t miss what that cute influencer is doing! *Changes course again*>⁠

Line forms behind me. So let me save you some time, sanity and headspace.⁠

STOP telling yourself these things:⁠

❌You have no self control⁠

❌You have no willpower⁠

❌You are addicted to sugar⁠

CONSIDER the impact of these things:⁠

⚠️You are under eating⁠

⚠️You have food rules or are restricting in some way⁠

⚠️Your emotional needs are not being met⁠

All those ❌s come from someone else telling you what to do.⁠

What you actually need is to build a *customized* plan to hit your goals and bridge you past the ⚠️s. ⁠

I’m working on something which shares how I navigated the messy middle part of that process…please stay tuned, coming this fall!⁠

Tell me your thoughts, ask me your questions and share any experiences you have had! ⁠

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