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The Impact Of Your Growth On Those Around You

My husband is a gem. Hardworking. Supportive. Humble and kind. Most days I still can’t believe he chose me ❤️ 😆⠀ But I kind of hate it that in the 4 year spread between these pictures, while I have been diligently working on my mindset and goals, he coasts right in to looking more fit and distinguished than ever 🤔⠀ I suppose a transformation by default would be expected, as we tend to mirror each other in actions and convictions. That, and he literally never complains about the food I put in front of him, and is just happy to be fed. ⠀ Only once, in the early days of 3 small children, did he compare walking in the door to arriving at his fraternity house as a ‘pledge,’ never knowing what he’d be forced to endure, clean or consume upon entry. (That comment triggered the sleepless mom death stare, and suggestion he do push ups on bottle caps)⠀ Having a partner who has supported my self-discovery in recent years, has been integral to hitting my goals. But if you are a single parent or someone who doesn’t have a strong support system in your life, you can still achieve yours. Yes you can. ⠀ Find your tribe. At the gym. In your community. On social platforms. We are here and we welcome you. I think it is so brave when people see an opportunity to level up, then take that next step to reach out. Connect. Strive for excellence. ⠀ October 2, 2019⠀

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