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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

I’ve been really honest about my battles to maintain progress through the holidays. Believe me, I’ve been through it.⠀ The reason I had so much trouble in years past was because every Fall, I approached the holidays having learned nothing from my ghosts of Christmas past.⠀ Remember that mindset - you either win or your learn? Well I hadn’t even heard of that before 2018. But once I could apply it, I was able to build some practices into habits, which are now (mostly) stronger than my cravings. ⠀ A few strategies I employ: ⠀ 👉Don’t let one meal derail all you’ve worked for. There may be 5 really special meals in 60 days when you may chose to overindulge. If you’re having just 3 meals a day, that’s less than 3% - SO not worth ditching all your hard work for that.⠀ 👉All those little surprise treats that surface throughout the day? What’s the plan for that? Maybe you earmark 15% of your daily fat and carb macros for a yet-to-be-determined daily treat, then slot in whatever you chose to have. If nothing sounds good, you’ve got a nice little nightcap to enjoy later.⠀ 👉Remember, what you resist persists, so if something is calling your name, work👏it👏in throughout the month! Halloween candy, pecan pie, peanut butter blossoms - whatever “it” is, don’t allow it to sit on a pedestal #thecandychallenge 👉You likely will overindulge at some point - I know I will! And when that happens, remember that at the end of the day, you have everything you need, to get back on track. You are only one meal or workout away from being on plan again. It literally is that simple.⠀ In those moments when you are either tempted to or have spiraled out of control, I challenge you to select one of these calls to action:⠀ 🗣Reset your environment (go for a walk or put the cookies in the freezer)⠀ 🗣Have some herbal tea, coffee or hot chocolate⠀ 🗣Focus on family, friends and conversation ⠀ Trust me when I tell you that rolling into January with your priorities and pride in tact is a fierce motivator, and powerful reminder that you are capable of BIG things in the year to come.⠀ What’s your next move?⠀

October 19, 2019

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