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The Everything List

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the firehose of information out there as to how to ‘crush your goals’ and ‘be your best self’ I have good news for you.⁠

I can guarantee that those results will not come packaged in a box full of rules or a program with unforgiving language like ‘start over’ if you don’t execute perfectly. ⁠

More is not better.⁠

Consistency is better.⁠

Foundational habits are better.⁠

Finding ways to make life less complicated is better.⁠

And once you start living this way, you’ll be amazed at the glow and the transformation that will rise up from inside of you.⁠

In the slide here, I’ve shared what has become the ONLY list I need to look and feel my best. I’m not saying it has to be yours, but I do believe it covers the basics for many of us.⁠

Have you explored Macros 101 yet? There is exactly 1 day left to sign up! It is here that you can determine how to write and live your own ‘Everything List.’ ⁠

It may look like mine or it could be entirely rewritten, but I am willing to bet it won’t include more than FIVE weekly bullets or 20 minutes at a time.⁠

When has ‘DOING MORE’ ever gotten you to a happy, sustainable, fulfilled place?⁠

Tell me. I’ll wait. ⁠

What if doing LESS, in ways that suited YOUR goals, actually did produce more for you like it has for me?⁠

Don’t forget about the bonus I’m sharing for anyone who signs up via before doors close at 9PM PT tomorrow: ⁠

👉A free digital version of any one of my books or a 50% discount on the hard copy of the new one coming in October 🎁⁠

If this isn’t the program or the time for you, I hope this Everything List of mine can help you in some way today!⁠

Does anything surprise you on it? I’d love to know! ⁠

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