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That Was Fun But Now it's Done.

If you saw my stories today you know it was a multi-slide rant, where I aired my grievances to the court of public opinion. And let me just say, it feels good to NOT be alone, right?! 🥰 ⠀ So many shared experiences and responses of encouragement, acknowledgment and awareness! We are so evolved 😂⠀ Also, this follow up question popped up a lot so I wanted to address it: ⠀ Do I feel like I binged? ⠀ No, it wasn’t a mindless binge, I just overate; I kept going back to the kitchen for ‘one more bite.’ ⠀ I was aware I was doing it, but there was no accountability in place, or point at which I was like: OK I’M DONE. When I was ‘done’ with one thing (peanut butter cups), I would just move on to something else (cookie cake), going back to the table for bite after bite. It didn’t end until I cleaned up the kitchen and put it all way. (Err 💡 moment)⠀ But regardless; it is in the past and because ‘you either win or you learn’ I took a moment to consider my thoughts in this scenario.⠀ I learned that next time I will have a very loose plan in place; it was a special occasion after all - but instead of having ALL of everything, I will look at the desserts I want, and chose SOME of everything - so, boundaries, but not ones that make me feel limited; just in control. And if possible, I will clean up before I enjoy my selections.⠀ Mindset and how we approach the days FOLLOWING is everything when it comes to keeping our behaviors in line with our priorities. In fact, I genuinely believe these experiences are the practice we need to successfully restore our equilibrium time and time again. It’s a great reminder that YES WE CAN and it’s actually a crucial life skill! ⠀ Back to basics tonight for me and I’ve never felt better.⠀ Dinner was a filling hot/cold salad with the last of my delicata squash and @outeraislegourmet sandwich thins I crisped up in the toaster. For protein all I wanted was my @pescience mint shake so that was part of it too. All that amounted to just about 300 calories, leaving plenty of room for some @lilys_sweets chocolate later on...YEP!⠀

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