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Talking Maintenance with Amber Brueseke

I feel like I’ve shedded some major skin in the past year, culminating in a pretty drastic physical transformation that well-represents how I’ve changed internally.⠀

Coming up on Tuesday, you’ll hear me talk a lot more about my experience in maintenance over the past couple of years, and how it taught me there was SO MUCH MORE to a healthy body than aesthetics...and how I got there.⠀

And while I learned more than Amber and I could cover in the generous amount of time she shared with me, I am excited about transitioning into the next chapter of my journey.⠀

When I thought honestly about my greatest challenges, I saw real opportunities. And not the same ones I embarked on a year ago at this time, which were largely externally driven (1:1 coaching, maintaining a pretty low level of leanness).⠀


I see ways to share my experience so others can embrace the joy of health as defined by their own set of circumstances and not someone else’s IG highlight reel. ⠀

I see ways to become stronger in mind and body.⠀

I see ways to continue to educate myself on a growing body of evidence that REST is more.⠀

I see ways to incorporate the same type of flexibility in my lifestyle that I did in my macros.⠀

Thank you for all the support!!

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