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Sunday Night Dinner {Chicken Korma & Brussels}


I didn't mean to be a tease this when I performed the old 'bait and switch' in my instagram stories on Sunday while prepping dinner.

Easy as it would have been to just take 30 minutes to cut + cook the brussels while the chicken korma braised, I didn't have it in me.

Ana and her team had a great game Sunday. We celebrated with ice cream on the way home and by the time I was hungry again, Costco's roasted veggie cauliflower crust pizza with a side of edamame was exactly the amount of energy I was willing to apply to dinner.

So it looks like Sunday's easy meal prep has paid dividends by becoming dinner in between the shuttling across town that carries our Monday afternoon, late into the night.

How's your week so far? This will be a short-but-stacked Tuesday email because unlike yesterday's stories, I'll only give you what you came for! Enjoy!


I have someone unusual to thank for the inspiration for this one. My daughter's very good friend, who has become sort of a bonus kid in our home this year, recommended I try this dish. She's a vegetarian but gave me such a hard sell on the sauce that I knew I had to try it carnivore style.

She was not wrong. There is SO MUCH FLAVOR here. You'll want to bathe everything on your plate in it. Thanks to the relatively long list of seasonings, but short list of steps, this one comes together really fast, and if you make the recipe as written, you'll have one giant family meal and leftovers for days.

See the linked PDF for all the instructions and details! Hopefully this makes it easy to pin to your pinterest board, print or screenshot for easy access.

Chicken Korma
Download PDF • 395KB


You didn't think I'd let you get away without the recipe for that glorious side did you?!

No way; once I found out how to making these the same way I enjoy them restaurant-style, I couldn't stop. All the detailed tips, tricks and of course recipe are linked in the PDF below, ready to pin, print or screenshot. Please let me know what you think if you try them!

Brussels Sprouts
Download PDF • 730KB

Of course my recipe suggests two POUNDS so you have plenty for dinner and leftovers. But feel free to half it if you don't feed a crowd. These reheat beautifully in the air fryer!

It would mean so much to me if you would tag me and share if you try either of these! Or simply share my post if you know someone who may enjoy it too.

Thank you so much! Have a beautiful week, my friends!

Warmly, Katie

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1 Comment

Mar 03, 2023

Chicken Kormaaa

bestest food

-Your 4th child :)

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