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Something NEW happened this Halloween...and it wasn't the glowing eggs on the lawn!

On your mark, get set, HALLOWEEN!!!⠀

It looked a little different this year, but the kids all deemed it The Best Halloween Ever, so we’re feeling pretty good about getting one thing right in 2020. ⠀

That’s the nice thing about setting manageable expectations or building off hard times. You are much more likely to find success, and with it, comes that little hit of dopamine, driving you to reach for the next small win! ⠀

(Oh hey motivation, been missing you this year while you’ve been living in a parallel universe.)⠀

During this time, our family has realized that the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have. That we would not know joy if we didn’t experience discomfort. That simply ‘trying harder’ can be a losing battle.⠀

So pivoting altogether and creating a NEW plan that worked for our family was a game-changer. It only took us 8 months to figure this out.⠀

The glow in the dark eggs on the lawn, the scavenger hunt, the piñata, the small but meaningful get together with dear friends. NONE of this was typical, but ALL of it rolled up into an unforgettable experience!⠀

In the absence of all the great traditions - costumes, trick-or-treating and record-setting candy collection, we stumbled into a new kind of fun.⠀

Oh and we also found a way to put those dumb, useless gaiters that we bought so many of to good use. Swipe to see Elle’s only slightly disturbing piñata action. Who decided to give a 6 year old a wooden bat?! ⠀

Meh...good data for next time 😉 ⠀

Tell me, what was the best part of your Halloween 🎃!!! Looks like there was so much creativity in candy distribution this year!! And can we get an extra hour and Saturday celebration every year?!⠀

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