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Sharing my full day of eating for today - in Quarantine!

Sharing my full day of eating for today! ⠀

I have not changed my intake at all; if anything I have upwardly adjusted my carbs and reduced protein in an effort to aid in stress recovery. Overall calories remain the same, but the uptick in whole, unprocessed starches really helps me with sleep and training recovery.⠀

And let’s be honest, if you’re someone doing@madeline_movesright now, these home workouts are NO free pass!⠀

5:45 (pre workout): 290g Zucchini Pumpkin Oat Bar + 9g Cocoabar in a jar peanut butter cup, always with coffee and my fish oil and vitamin d: 290cals/33C/8F/22P⠀

9:30 (post workout): Green monster crunch wrap x2: 305cals/32C/1F/30P⠀

12:15: Cake Pop Blondie and coffee for lunch: 385cals/40C/8F/39P⠀

This is my favorite meal for two reasons. The first is experience - I always sit down, eat slowly and savor my last time enjoying coffee for the day. The second is because this will fill me up for 4 solid hours, which is miraculous for me. It is in these next few hours that I am most productive, present with the kids and getting stuff done without being at all distracted by cravings.⠀

The rest of my day is already planned so I can pre-share it:⠀

~ 4:00 Late lunch: Chicken Taco Lasagna Bake, half a bag of riced butternut squash, raw cucumbers and fresh spinach, dressed with some franks red hot sauce and ranch seasoning: 355 cals/47C/4F/35P⠀

~ 6:30 Dinner: Mexican Spaghetti Squash Casserole Bake + half a bag of riced butternut squash + spring mix + Bolthouse ranch dressing: 358cals/48C/7F/28P⠀

~ 7:30 Dessert:@lilys_sweetschocolat: 400cals/44C/26F/4P ⠀

Totals: 2100cals/244C/54F/158P⠀

I am in no way suggesting that these foods or this process is what you need - especially during the pandemic when we are all subject to different challenges and food availability.⠀

What I am suggesting is that you consider controlling what you can to help with the imminent decision fatigue that comes at the end of a stressful day! ⠀

That may mean meal prep and careful consideration of what you bring into your house. Maybe if you are prone to stress eating, you acknowledge that BUYING it is the same as EATING it - and proceed accordingly! 💗💗

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