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Rest Days

This post brought to you by a dark and rainy Sunday morning. Let’s talk about rest days.

Real talk here: I have a really hard time taking a true rest day and embracing the feelings of stillness. I’m so much a creature of habit that when it’s time to shift gears and shut it down, I go a little bananas. I think my long history of high intensity exercise contributes to this, because while maybe there are no medals for killing yourself in a 90 minute workout, it’s undeniable that it feels damn good to be drenched in sweat, endorphins running through your veins.

It’s a weakness I’m working on improving with practice, just like anything else in my health journey. Recovery is no less important than nutrition, strength training, water, etc. It probably even requires more space in that lineup than I’d like to admit, and things like meditation, journaling and practicing gratitude are also my big opportunities for growth.

So what does a rest day look like for me these days? Maybe some light mobility work. Hitting my 10k steps. Playing with my kids. Always drinking enough water. Not overdoing the caffeine. Eating the same quantity of calories, especially protein I would on any other training day. Prioritizing sleep. Meal prep.

Today you’ll find me with a cat on my lap, dog by my side, basking in the amazing creation that is Pier 1’s White Pumpkin candle 🍁🌧 🧡

What do your rest days look like?

August 18, 2019

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