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REDEFINE: 'I've let myself go'

I know you can take orders from a boot camp coach, but can you get still enough to answer this:

Have you ever been in a state when you’ve ‘let yourself go?’ What does that statement mean?

For me it used to be the things I have recently made priorities, in an effort to restore my cycle:

- Reduce workouts

- Stop tracking macros

- Gain weight

- Increase clothing size

- Reduction in daily steps

- Spend more time resting

Maybe it stirs something up in you to consider these deliberate actions, or perhaps you’re familiar because they’ve happened with some resistance.

Is this letting yourself go? Does this mean you can never go back?

If you answered yes, what about me? Did I let myself go? Cement things I can never change? Be honest, it’s ok.

Because my truth is that it sure felt that way most days.

Many times in the past year, I have had to breathe into a reframe of the idea. I returned to it often.

Maybe instead of letting myself go, I let myself:

- Trust my inner wisdom (that was blunted by what external pressure told me I should do)

- Explore what awakens within me when I have new priorities

- Discover a new kind of strength

- Learn that I am resourceful, safe and fully supported

- Find peace and power in places that are unrelated to beauty and youth

- Reach a more aligned, happy place

Maybe I closed part one of my life, where I learned everything I am supposed to do, and transitioned to part two, where I finally begin to live as I was divinely designed to be?

I’d love to know - what does the phrase ‘I’ve let myself go’ mean to you?

I have so much more to I could say and write on the tactical part of this experience - and it is always what people want to know: the what, the how long, the exactdetailsofeverythingididatedrankgained…but as part of the integration, it is so important for me to write from what I’m feeling from my body, not my mind.

This is because I’ve worked really heard to make space for the voice deep within. And while I thank my mind for working to keep me centered on my ego’s path for safety’s sake, it’s time for it to take a back seat.

If this resonates today it possible to consider a reframe:

How/where have you let yourself go?

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