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Radical Thoughts on Self Care

Truth about me: I hate baths. There I said it. I’ve only ever used our tub to wash our kids or our dogs. ⁠

Whenever the conversation of practicing self care surfaces I cringe. Like most people, I’m uncomfortable with things I’m not good at. But this acknowledgement got me thinking.⁠

Why does it always have to be a bubble bath?! Or a manicure? Or work that is supposed to make me feel better, but requires some level of discomfort to execute?⁠

Like somehow if it doesn’t make me better tomorrow, it’s not worth doing today.⁠


What if instead of committing to self care that actually feels like work, I just tried to do something that made me 1% happier *in the moment* EVEN if said act had exactly ZERO return on my investment future 🤔 ⁠

Don’t misunderstand, I am still all for growing through experiences like learning to meditate, managing meal prep and scheduling workouts - those count too. ⁠

But what if I can galvanize myself with the simplest of efforts too? ⁠

Here are some ‘radical’ self care ideas that came to my mind for me...⁠

Getting rid of anything that’s not my favorite; I’m talking easy stuff like sheets, pjs, pens, socks, mugs so I’m only surrounded by what I love.⁠

Ignoring the call, the text, the (heaven forbid...) doorbell.⁠

Wearing the unsexy underwear that looks like grandma’s but feels like heaven.⁠

Going braless.⁠

Skipping the 5-step skincare nighttime routine.⁠

Not washing my hair.⁠

Buying the magazine because it feels good in my hands even though I can read it all online.⁠

Pretending I’m asleep.⁠

Disturbing up the pet that’s in my favorite spot.⁠

Laughing too loudly.⁠

Taking the long way home.⁠

Smiling at a stranger through my mask.⁠

Making snack plates for my kids dinner.⁠

Breathing in the sun for 5 minutes.⁠

Saying yes where I’ve been saying no.⁠

Saying no where I’ve been saying yes.⁠

Does any of this resonate with you?⁠

What if our commitments to self care were RADICALLY smaller, simpler, and as built into the day as breathing? ⁠

What if we are making lifestyle stress management harder than it needs to be?⁠

What would a ‘radical’ form of self-care’ look like for you? Think small

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