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QUICK Family Dinner - incorporating meal prep with hangry kids!

Dinner was served fast and furious tonight to a small herd of starving girls!⠀ There is something about these extra cold days in Wisconsin that just rev up our appetites, because I was feeling it too…⠀ So at 4:30 when a chorus of “I’m Hungry” began, I needed something easy but not frozen-pizza-simple, as the vacation hangover is still pretty real for these kids.⠀ Meal prepped Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup to the rescue!⠀ However, when presented with the dinner selection, I was the only one who was pleased about it. ⠀ Each night I attempt to have a bulk protein that we share - but I always allow/encourage the kids (and my husband!) to ‘make it their own’ as long as there are carbs, protein and fat on the plate.⠀ Yes we talk in terms of macronutrients in our household and no I don’t think it is the least bit unhealthy. ⠀ The photo shows how it went down for us, and this is a pretty typical meal prep transformation in my house.⠀ My girls ate dollops of thick soup on tortilla chips with cheese, baked nacho style - we did half vegetarian/half chicken which was fine with me.⠀ Their choices for sides were cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, bananas and peppers - all easy-to-grab foods I had in the fridge.⠀ I had mine with my favorite Trader Joe’s butter lettuce, cucumber and seasonings - you cannot believe how much flavor there is in this hot/cold salad which the enchilada soup is the heart of it!⠀ So with only some code yellow whining and one tipped over cup of water, we had dinner on the table in in 10 minutes. ⠀ It may not be the optimal recommendation cited in the Journal of Raising Perfect Children, but it sure got us through this Thursday night! ⠀ {NOT PICTURED: my super independent daughter reheating a plastic plate of nachos in the oven, with all the fruits and veggies, until someone smelled burning plastic and the dogs started howling at the smoke detectors.}⠀ Is it Friday yet?⠀

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