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Post-Holiday Purgatory

What day is it?⠀ What time is it?⠀ Oh my gosh it’s so dark out!⠀ I’ve been all kinds of out of sorts lately. The fact that I’m in jeans today is a little nudge to myself that I am not on house arrest and I MUST do something outside today.⠀ I’ve been hungrier. I’ve been more sore. I’ve been sleeping in. Movement is just harder in general. ⠀ I’m pretty sure that some of it is still the aftermath of the holiday sugar bonanza, but a lot of my feelings of imbalance are very simply a result of being off schedule. I can tell my kids are feeling it too...there have been more squabbles and eye rolls than usual.⠀ On the days I have a regular morning routine - wake up early, coffee, workout, a bit of ME time before getting the kids to school - I find myself more focused and productive. ⠀ On days like today after I slept in until 6:30, got some coffee, honored my rest day, it was approximately 6:42, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do next (even though there is plenty on ‘my list’).

This lack of structure always leads to a heightened sense of hunger and boredom throughout the day. Without the regular routine in place, I am much more likely to get distracted by things that don’t support my good habits! ⠀ I am pretty sure once I settle into my regularly scheduled programming again (which will require the kids be back in school), everything will settle back to normal.⠀ That is still 8 days away. ⠀ But that’s ok, because they will go quickly and in the meantime, I intend to keep this train on it’s tracks! In the moments I am feeling unbalanced, I will choose to do something that is either productive or that brings me comfort. ⠀ What are your things?⠀ Feeling strong and balanced requires so much more than just hitting your macros. It comes down to restoring your rhythm in all things!⠀ So no gym clothes today. No full-body progress photo. No expectations of being anywhere other than where I am in this moment. ⠀ Acknowledging these are the last few days of 2019 reminds me that they matter just as much as the first few of 2020. I won’t throw them away.⠀ Do you need to take a deep breath and lean into the lack of structure like I do?⠀

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