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POPULAR LIE: The harder it is the better it works

Have you ever asked this question?⠀

‘What is the best way for me to lose fat/gain muscle/live in maintenance/begin a reverse/insert ANY goal?’⠀

I sure have!⠀

Unfortunately it is inherently flawed, because if you want honesty (and not the half-truths you’ll see out there on social media), there is no ‘best.’⠀

So if someone hands you a cookie-cutter plan on a silver platter, go ahead and proceed with absolute certainty that your results won’t last a moment longer than you can tolerate ‘their’ program.⠀

Why? ⠀

Because real and lasting change only comes with a tailored and customized plan. ⠀

Find a way (or a coach to help you) CREATE the plan that’s enjoyable and effective for you, and you’ve just clinched your success. ⠀

Read that again and consider this: what makes YOUR plan effective IS it being enjoyable. And that sweet spot is yours alone.⠀

Ask yourself, in what universe will you keep on doing something, regardless of how great the result, if you absolutely hate the process. If it induces misery for those around you. If you find yourself willing your way through, only to…what? Go back to the way things were? ⠀

What I want you to consider is this:⠀

The person that you are, has produced the results that you have. If you feel like there is something you want achieve, then you have a missing piece! Figure out what that is and suddenly, like a puzzle, you have the formula to snap your plan into place.⠀

The reason I want you to sign up for the free 5 day challenge ( is so that you can understand how to create a personalized plan that fits into YOUR life, getting you out of the yo-yo dieting cycle, not only helping you hit your goal, but allowing you to maintain it long-term.⠀

For some, this challenge will be enough. ⠀

For others, you’ll want to continue the momentum we’re going to build. If that’s you...don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to join Macros 101 soon.⠀

So while I can’t hand you your personal BEST plan in a 2200 character post, I can certainly tell you which one will be the worst. ⠀

It’s the one you won’t do. ⠀

Let’s do this together - because regardless of your goal, ACTION is the 1st step.

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