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People Know You From Your Actions Not Your Thoughts

People know you from your actions, not your thoughts. Let that sink in for a second. I found myself sitting with that fact from @james_clear most recent email (sign up for these if you haven’t! #truth bombs served weekly), and it made me want to share what I was thinking at the time I took these progress pics.⠀ January 2016: I was in the throes of parenting littles and just trying to survive. My time to workout needed to be early, fast and painful to be effective. Orangetheory was my social lifeline, and I was grateful for that because there was more laughter in that one hour than I would experience most days {complacent}⠀ November 2017: This is a hard one to share. It would still be two more months before I made the decision to make changes to my fitness regimen, after 3 years of gaining and losing the same 10-15lbs. I remember feeling crushed when this photo was posted to facebook {suffering}⠀ March 2018: I had quit the cardio-based workouts 3 months prior, was in the process building my calories up from ~1600, and learning how to lift like a girl. I found a gym that taught me how to safely barbell bench, squat and deadlift. Inflammation was gone and ‘newbie muscle gains’ were happening. I got my first pull-up the day this picture was taken {pride}⠀ January 2019: I had been training on my own and following a program designed for aesthetic muscle growth for about 6 months. I didn’t build as much muscle as I could have because I included a 16 week cut from June-Sept, but fatloss continued and I began to get leaner {confidence}⠀ May 2019: Enter Madeline Moves. I was cautiously ready for something new and had earned the right to apply some cardio training after 18 months of low impact training. THIS is so important. Circuit based training would probably not have had the same body comp effects, had I done them without putting on some muscle and taking a long diet break {uncertainty}⠀ August 2019: Man I love these pants. Imma go buy 9 more pair and stash them in my amazon pantry staples shipment {convergent}⠀

September 1, 2019

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