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One Day Everything Is Different

Day by day nothing seems to change. Then one day, everything is different. Anyone else feel me on this one?⠀ I have lost count of the number of people who seem genuinely shocked when they learn that I haven’t always looked this way. That I didn’t effortlessly drift into this body through good genetics and sporadic core work. ⠀ NO. I lived in a way that disrespected by precious body for decades. Poor choices fueled by emotional turmoil, lead to a cycle of negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness each time I made an inch of progress.⠀ The truth is I had no idea WHY, but I wanted to be thinner. It was all I focused on. So each time I lost some weight, I would try to white-knuckle my latest drastic measure, with a grip so tight that it would inevitably disappear like sand between my fingers.⠀ I was just talking to a friend about some of the depths of my journey. And I humbly accept that there will be times in the future when demons will resurface or life will challenge the healthy mind-body connection I am working so hard to cement. ⠀ One day I’ll share more on this.⠀ But today I want to remind you to remain focused on your goals. Stay the course. Remember that success comes with consistency. And the longer and slower your practice, the more sustainable your success.⠀ When you think you can’t do it, try replacing the thought with ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how that feels. Because maybe it isn’t and that’s ok too. ⠀ The late Bill Watterson was prolific in his insights told through his indelible tales of Calvin and Hobbs (millenials: google this!). The best I can do is share with you his spirit and remind you...⠀ When you refuse to give up, your success is inevitable 💝⠀ And more importantly, you’re never on this path alone 🖤⠀

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