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Once You Know Better, You Can Do Better

I had a thought enter into my mind today, as I woke up a few minutes before my alarm was about to sound. I was reminded of a time when I couldn’t imagine being a person who would wake even a second before I had to. ⠀ From sun up to sundown, I walked around like a zombie. I’m sad for that girl on the left who was aching and drenched in sweat, all so she could have a piece of cake on her daughter’s first birthday.⠀ If you identify with any that, listen up. This is for you:⠀ 🗣That feeling of depletion does NOT mean you’re doing it right!⠀ Seem obvious?! ⠀ For so many of us it isn’t. It certainly wasn’t for me.⠀ For years I was under the impression that⠀ ☄️my work in the gym ‘didn’t count’ if I didn’t leave feeling annihilated ⠀ ☄️an at-home workout that could only last 20 minutes ‘wasn’t worth it’ ⠀ ☄️coming in UNDER my macros was infinitely better than hitting them +/-5⠀ I would feel my chronically inflamed muscles as a badge of honor walking out of class. Going to bed hungry was an achievement. Anything worth doing was worth overdoing.⠀ This flawed sense of pride landed me in a state of purgatory, spinning my wheels and literally stuck in a cycle that provided exactly zero return on my relentlessly exhausting investment. ⠀ So here’s a reminder for anyone who may need to hear this today: ⠀ ⚡️Get your steps ⠀ ⚡️Pick up some heavy things⠀ ⚡️Eat a big ass salad (or bowl of soup)⠀ ⚡️Turn off your device and go to bed⠀ Set your intentions for the day to come, and ensure they FILL☀️YOU☀️UP not break you down.⠀ If you are in need of further direction or education, get after it! There are so many podcasts and industry leaders putting insane amounts of free content out there. And if you’re still stuck HIRE A COACH! Best move I ever made🙌Shout out to @biceps.after.babies Start owning your purpose and commit to pursing a lifestyle that will serve you long term!⠀ So often we get caught up in chasing an aesthetic that we forget how practicing the fundamentals CONSISTENTLY and LONG TERM can look pretty damn lit too. ⠀ ⠀ Ask yourself...what are you leaving on the table? Something simple that could really make a difference. Write it👇then pick it👆

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