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“Not a lot of traffic but we do have a seagull that just yawned”⠀

“Not a lot of traffic but we do have a seagull that just yawned”⠀

That quote pulled directly from the weather guy just now@nbc15_madison.⠀

It’s only been 10 days of quarantine and already I feel different.⠀

I am not sure exactly how, but I know I do.⠀


Questions I am pondering this morning:⠀

What will my priorities look like in another 10, 20, 30+ days of this? ⠀

Will I ever wear makeup again?⠀

How will my kids be changed by this?⠀

With the garden’s worth of vegetables I consume in a day, at what point should we just become farmers?⠀

How can I turn egg whites/cottage cheese/baking powder into another ingredient?⠀


Also, here is what I am not questioning:⠀

Our pets have never been happier⠀

My girls’ bond has never been stronger⠀

I am astounded by how much my husband and I have to talk about with so little actually going on⠀

My world has become so much smaller, but the pieces in it feel bigger than ever⠀


One more super important question:⠀

👉 What about this time will I miss once it is gone?⠀

I’d love to hear what is on your mind this morning.⠀


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