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No restriction. No extra cardio. Just back to my boring (winning) habits.

Is anyone surprised that my first post of 2020 is madly food-centric and protein heavy?!⠀ I love being the gym. ⠀ Education and constantly striving to learn more about how food and training affects the body is going to be a lifelong pursuit for me. ⠀ Connecting and coaching here within this wildly supportive community keeps me coming back day after day. ⠀ Building relationships with new clients has me on cloud-flipping-nine right now 🙌⠀ But food 💗 Food is my love language. Making it, sharing it, consuming it. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where anything was off-limits to me.⠀ And this year I am reaching for more big things surrounding recipe creation and growing that passion. Stay tuned for more on that...⠀ But in the meantime, I’ve been asked for a post-holiday, post-scale rant Full Day of Eating.⠀ And here it is, in all of its redundant, predictable, massively satisfying glory!⠀ ✨Breakfast: #ZPO of course with a few cups of coffee⠀ ✨Midmorning: because starving after the gym, @pescience Mint shake with some @wincrest black cacao powder and peppermint + chocolate @sweetleafstevia drops⠀ ✨Lunch: @cutdacarb #1 egg whites, spinach, laughing cow cheese, refried beans; @cutdacarb#2 (for real) with shredded chicken, chopped broccoli and spinach and tons of seasoning ⠀ ✨Afternoon snack: @pesciencecake pop blondie - I have had this for 3 weeks!⠀ ✨Dinner: BAS with spinach, spaghetti squash lasagna bake and 2 @outeraislegourmet flatbreads⠀ ✨Dessert: @lilys_sweets dark chocolate bar⠀ ✨Nightcap: Yogurt jello bowl with 1tbsp @pbfit.official and 1 cup of rice krsipies (aka my pre-workout)⠀ Every single ‘meal’ I had was exactly what I wanted! No deprivation and clearly no reduction in calories. My protein ended up higher than usual, but that’s what happens when you have chicken in the fridge that has to get used up!⠀ Thanks to everyone who made 2019 so incredibly rewarding for me. I can’t wait to pay it forward in 2020.⠀ Any guesses as to what could be coming next?! I’m pretty bad at keeping secrets...⠀

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