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National Daughter Day

I didn’t get the memo that yesterday was National Daughters Day! (And apparently you didn’t either Mom 🙃). ⠀ It’s fine. My kids didn’t notice and we never missed a beat. ⠀ Other things my girls don’t care about? ⠀ The fact that I usually wear leggings to pick up, rarely wash my hair more than once a week or eat breakfast with them while I’m a little sweaty from the gym.⠀ What I know they do think is cool? ⠀ That I work in a super dope office with a candy wall, will jump on the trampoline with them (even though they know I pee my pants 100% of the time), and plan Friday afternoon surprises every week.⠀ Our deepest connections have nothing to do with how I eat, train or apply self-care, and everything to do with how I talk to them and how I make them feel. ⠀ I know that they are watching me. I hear my words in their voices and see my habits in their actions. And damn, the stakes have never been higher. ⠀ Anna, Tess and Elle, you make me so proud. My wish is that you continue to focus on what matters and always let go of what doesn’t. And that you can help your mom with this one too. She’s still learning. ⠀ I have always loved this quote: ‘Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.’⠀

September 26, 2019

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