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My word for 2021

I just finished writing my ‘Not Top Ten’ email. It’ll go out today! (Check your Junk!)⠀

If you’re interested, head on over to my site to sign up for emails: ⠀

My list definitely includes things that made us laugh until we cried but also the reverse. We are one of the lucky and privileged families who could live a good life past the tears.⠀

Losing a year of special celebrations and making memories with our extended family were some of the most painful emotions we personally endured. We sang and blew kisses and 'sent hugs' to people we should have been embracing.⠀

But so many others endured far worse in this pandemic-clouded, socially-criminal, environmentally-devastating, political firestorm that was 2020. ⠀

We are just getting started over here.⠀

Welcome 2021.⠀

Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities. ⠀

I vow not to squander them.⠀

My word for 2021: OUTLAST.⠀

I will outlast the discomfort that comes with change.⠀

What is your word for 2021? ⠀

Please share it with me below! And look for that email...there’s a lot I didn’t share this year if you can believe it 😉

You can also see it under the CONTACT tab of my site!

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