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My truth: Beyond improvement of metabolic health markers, weight loss doesn't solve all that much.

As few as 6 years ago I really didn’t get it. ⁠

In 2016 I was a mom just coming up for air after having 3 babies, and the last time I had contemplated 'fitness' had been in college. ⁠

It was an era where ‘sexy’ looked like a size00 A&F model in super low slung jeans falling off her hips, and a tube top precariously held up only by tape.⁠

So when I decided it was time to fasten my chin strap and get serious about weightloss, I assumed there was no other way besides forcing myself into a punishing workout regimen while consuming as few calories as possible.⁠

I am shading my eyes in embarrassment to share those words, but I am so glad I took this past half decade to help that ‘all or nothing’ version of myself come to realize my fullest expression through coaching, self-evaluation, and lots of time ‘in the gray.’ ⁠

Here’s what I know about a binary approach to life now...⁠

That pass/fail is no way to live. I missed so much, and I don't just mean hiding behind my kids in photographs.⁠

That if someone goes from eating 3000 calories a day of mostly carbs and fat to targeting 3000 calories a day while prioritizing protein and micros, it WILL ignite change. ⁠

That someone can change NOTHING more than taking rest, drinking more water or going to bed an hour sooner, and they’ve just begun meaningfully bridging the health gap.⁠

That you can go from 6 🍊theory workouts down to 3 full body strength sessions a week and see insane body recomp with minimal dietary change.⁠

I know this because I did this...and now I teach this and now I watch this. ⁠

It’s not about the ✅ or the 💯; but rather getting really good at one thing, realizing life can still pretty rad while you hit your goals, then adding another. ⁠

Shifting to embrace this required experimenting in the grey. I’ve come a long way from 'shut up and do it or quit altogether.' I’ve learned to meet myself where I am; recognizing the value in holding space to find my own path.⁠

I’ll always be clear in my coaching philosophy around sticking to the fundamentals 90% of the time and honoring that commitment to yourself. But a huge part of getting there is learning to trust life 'in the gray.'⁠


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