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My Love for Cookies Runs Deep

You all lit up my DMs surrounding this conversation and let me express my love for your responses with a few of my favorite emojis 💥🥰🍪❤️💪

Friends, let me share a few tidbits that always seem to surprise people when we connect 1:1 ….

I am not always this strong.

It is not always easy for me.

I’m not immune to the pressures of diet culture.

I still have physique goals, even if I’m not pursuing them right now.

All OK!

When I am at my best, it is because I’m living out my purpose and embodying who I am meant to be. Yes it’s taken some time to figure that out but it sure has been worth it.

When I’m not there, it’s because I’m comparing.

That’s it. That’s my kryptonite. It might be yours too?

Now that I KNOW what triggers my ego, I work hard to stay tuned in enough to stop it before it turns into self sabotage.

But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t show up.

There are plenty of days I’m down on myself or mourning a physique I once maintained with relative ease, but those days are fewer and fewer as I keep growing into myself.

And no amount of cookies will ever harm me more than they will serve me in this life ❤️

Where are you right now? Let’s continue the conversation in comments because 1000% there are too many people whispering about this when we should be unapologetically shouting.


Also, recipe for the cookies here.

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