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My indispensable ingredient: Simply Delish!

Every time I think I have exhausted all the ways to use Simply Delish products, I surprise myself and discover something new...⠀

First it was an addition to the ZPO, which lended a subtle sweetness and thickened up texture. ⠀

Then the nightly yogurt bowl adopted the descriptor ‘massive’ simply by adding one serving of instant pudding to the yogurt and thinning with water.⠀

Next came the (kinda trashy but seriously good) Strawberry Cream Cheese Pretzel Bars. ⠀

Always a staple in shakes or protein fluff for an extra creamy texture.⠀

Additions to yogurt, cream cheese or some PB2 + water make a legit, non-negotiable frosting.⠀

It’s official, I cannot be without this ingredient in my kitchen!⠀

Here’s what for me, makes it unique and better than alternatives:⠀

🥇Ingredients - swipe for comparison. It’s not a fair fight and even if you’re NOT someone with a sensitive stomach, you probably KNOW what happens when all the junky ingredients set up camp in your system (basically grounds for marriage counseling in my house). No preservatives, stevia-sweetened and food-based coloring (think beets vs ‘RED 40’) make me feel better about sharing it with the kids, who have been known to go a little bananas when eating foods with dye.⠀

🥇Flavors - there 3 pudding options (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) and 4 Jel Dessert (Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach and Orange). Currently loving the Strawberry instant pudding mixed in my yogurt with the strawberry jel dessert and topped with frozen mixed berries. I would pick this over ice cream any day, I am obsessed!⠀

🥇Macros - this ingredient is a miracle worker when you are trying to achieve a deficit, and looking for something that feels indulgent...but isn’t. One container (4 servings) of the Jel Dessert is less than 25 calories and one serving of the instant pudding mix is 25. ⠀

I order my supply directly from their website for the quantity discount and free shipping, but I have also seen it at Whole Foods and on Amazon. If you do order direct, you can use my code ‘Katie’ and save 10% on top of any discounted pricing.⠀

If you were one of the first 50 to order, you‘ll see it soon in YOUR Macro Kickstarter Box ✨💗😘

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