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My Favorite Meal Prep Tools

As the weekend approaches, I start thinking about meal prep. Even though my meal selections change, my most-loved kitchen tools do not, and I wanted to share a few favorites that I consistently use every day or every week! ⠀ 👉Silicon can covers - so nice to quickly and securely seal half used cans or jars⠀ 👉Five-blade meat chopper - helps cook ground up meat evenly and cleans up in a snap⠀ 👉Reusable pans - I know they aren’t earth friendly. But they save me hours of scrubbing and I’m using reusable can covers so...forgive me?⠀ 👉Kitchen scale - I love this one because I can use it to weigh even my most gigantic pots⠀ 👉Triple set of Oxo bowls - These are original to my wedding registry! I use them daily.⠀ 👉Kitchen-Aid paddle attachment - a must have for evenly shredding chicken in seconds⠀ 👉Vegetable chopper - I LOVE this for fast and evenly chopped veggies - do NOT underestimate the desire to add more veggies to your dish when they look this pretty! ⠀ I am all about life hacks - and want to make working in the kitchen easier too!⠀ So that’s a little snapshot before I share the next recipe - my favorite items are linked in my Amazon favorites 🖤⠀ Help some friends out! What are the must-haves on your list?! 😘⠀

October 25, 2019

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