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Mid Summer Reflections

There is something about the Fourth of July that makes me reflect on life and think about where I was a year ago. Or three or seven or whatever; but this mid year point always gives me pause.⁠

No big birthdays or monumental mile markers; just my oldest casually going from 8 to 11 in the blink of an eye. My babies no longer needing me in ways that defined me for years.⁠

These past three years I’ve been a billion times more present than I was when they were little. It was so much harder then to ‘enjoy the moment’ because with each one, came an onslaught of some physical, mental or emotional disaster….(add to that, an enormous lack of sleep which was like pouring gasoline on a fire.) ⁠

Parents of littles you know this - you are IN this, and I’m sending HUGE hugs to you. ⁠

So as I am dipping my toes into this unfamiliar territory of tween drama pandemonium, I am more conscious than ever that EVERY SECOND COUNTS.⁠

The next time I ‘blink’ and think ‘well, that’s a wrap on three years,’ I hope I can look back, confident that I was IN these moments as much as I possibly could be.⁠

Not distracted by my reflection or my worry about what someone else thought of me. ⁠

I am officially that annoying lady in target telling you how fast it is going to go while your kids are taking off their poopy diapers in the middle of the cereal aisle while you check the cartweel app for a sale (uh…for instance 😳)⁠

But regardless of your feelings on hearing that, I think we can agree that time WILL pass. This is true for any season in life - so let’s not forget to find the joy, the humor, the small pleasures in the journey.⁠

Today I will enjoy the view of my kids eating cereal with chopsticks.⁠

What do you have in front of you today making you smile? Please share!⁠


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