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Maybe My Favorite Post EVER

Meet our husky-lab mix Kenna. ⠀ I have so much love for this girl of mine. She’s the alpha of our little animal tribe and the most intuitive dog we’ve ever had. And I can’t help but respect the hell out of her for taking no shit and giving exactly zero 🦊 in this life she’s been given. ⠀

It is a hard thing to trust your intuition and potentially unsettle the expectations of those around you, even with the purest of intentions. Whether you embark on a path to pursue an education, a hobby, a fitness goal or anything that makes you live your truth, vulnerability will exist.⠀ Maybe you're getting the side eye from your co—workers for carrying in your lunch.⠀ Maybe your roommate is annoyed by the meal prep in the fridge.⠀ Maybe people you once relied on aren’t showing up for you anymore.⠀ To that and all the other dissonance out there, I encourage you to say this:⠀ ✨I know I changed. That was the point ✨⠀ If showing up for yourself happens to stir something up in someone else, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s the beginning of you living a life you were built for. ⠀ Kenna doesn’t sweat the small stuff, like when the cats walk across her face or she gets booted off the couch. But if our sweet, dopey golden retriever attempts to cross the invisible fence or our daughter is crying, she is all Lassie-to-the-rescue in an instant. ⠀ Here’s your reminder that your intuition knows her shit. And here’s your permission to never forget it.

September 18, 2019

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