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True or False?⠀

A calorie is a calorie⠀






Scientifically…true. ⠀

Here’s why:⠀

100 calories of chicken breast is the same amount of measured energy as 100 calories of cake or broccoli or grasshoppers or anything you put in your mouth (I have to say it; don’t put bugs in your mouth). ⠀

In the context of losing weight, all you need is a calorie deficit, which is why you CAN lose weight eating nothing but oreos.⠀

But physiologically, how your body processes each calorie will affect not only how you FEEL…but how you perform and look as well, which is why proper distribution of macros can drive your performance and aesthetic goals into fifth gear.⠀

And once you start consuming your calories in ways that make you feel good, not just in the moment but in relation to all the things you want to achieve in your day, THAT is when your ‘diet’ just went from uncontrollable to sustainable.⠀

What types of meals make you feel good?⠀

Drop your favorites below…I’m feeling inspired and want to get back in the kitchen this weekend!⠀

And if you’re looking for some direction, I can help with that! You can apply in my bio for personalized macro counts or 1:1 phone calls with me!

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