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Kill Me Now - HIIT Training Survival

I know it’s uncomfortable. Fifteen seconds feels like a damn hour. That’s the point. ⠀ First blurry pic taken before I could fully function the camera app on my iPhone. Swipe for a glimpse at my HIIT ride output from yesterday. Those heart rate highs and lows tell me I had just the right cocktail of resistance + power.⠀ HIIT intervals are on my mind because in my next training period, starting Monday, I will incorporate them in a strategic way:⠀ ⚡️4-5 days/week strength training (2 upper/2 lower - possibly 1 full body)⠀ ⚡️2 days/week HIIT (combined total of 16-20 minutes per week)⠀ ⚡️12-14k steps daily⠀ What I like about this schedule is the TIME that will suddenly free up. The past few months I’ve been doing circuit style work and inching toward 90 min some days - FINE because I loved the workouts, but under an hour is my sweet spot.⠀ High intensity intervals supply the benefits of cardiovascular training, without consuming a whole lot of your time. It’s also is a great supplement to weight training for those looking jumpstart fat loss, because unlike long distance running or biking, it never gets easier and your body doesn’t form an adaptation. ⠀ Of course the trade off is, IT SUCKS. ⠀ No really. You’ll know if you’re doing it right because after about 10 seconds you’ll wish you were doing ANYTHING else. You won’t be thinking about your emails or what’s for breakfast. You will be trying to survive. HIIT intervals are generally taken at a 1:1 ratio; for example 30 second of an all out effort, followed by 30 seconds of rest. And you’ll need every last second of that rest and more. ⠀ Intervals work when you work them. They require you to dig deep, remember who you are and what will make you proud. When I do them, I have to channel my inner Beyoncé and say - if I sell myself short here, I’m wasting my own damn time. ⠀ So turn up the music, dedicate that next song to your excuses and grind. It’ll be over soon 🙏⠀ Besides the Peloton, I like the rower, the assault bike and the SkiErg. What type of activities do you do for HIIT?

September 28. 2019

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