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Just Do The Hard Thing Today

Not sure what to do in the gym today? Pressed for time so why bother? Telling yourself ‘it’s not worth it’ if you can’t log 60 minutes?⠀ All those lies you tell yourself are really just thinly-veiled excuses. And while it might make you uncomfortable to recognize this, I am going to state it anyway:⠀ It’s on you. Not your family or your job or your kids or your schedule. YOU make time for the things that matter to you. And guess what - movement can in fact take just MINUTES and be highly effective.⠀ Today I did 6 rounds of 30 seconds all out on the Skierg (I developed a love/hate relationship with this machine from the always inspirational @pats_gym ; if you’ve ever tried it or shown up for FYF* at Pat’s, you KNOW what I am talking about), followed by overhead carries of a 30# med ball around a 100 yard track.⠀ 🥵☠️👍⠀ I was grateful to run into a friend between founds 4 and 5 so I could come back to earth long enough to muster up the energy to finish.⠀ This workout took 15 minutes and got me firing on all cylinders. But I did not even break a sweat. That’s the magic of HIIT - just when you can’t take one second more, it’s over. And you win.⠀ Think ouside the box - how are you going to get your movement today?! It’s not too late💥

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