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It Will Take Longer Than You Want It To

Today in stories I shared my projected timeline for falling back into my body’s pre-vacation set point.⠀ I think it surprised a lot people that my answer was TWO WEEKS of consistently eating my 90/10 makeup of nutritious foods, executing my compound lift-based strength training, and re-connecting with my daily/nightly routines, to restore equilibrium.⠀ Could I drop the bloat and excess water weight in less time? Sure, but it would require unsustainable and impractical measures like taking diuretics, slashing calories and upping my cardio. ⠀ All things I am uninterested in doing for several reasons:⠀ ❌ Perpetuates a binge/restrict cycle⠀ ❌ Extreme measures lead to short term results⠀ ❌ Makes life miserable⠀ Keep in mind, if this was one dinner out or one weekend of overindulging that caused my bloated belly, the timeline would probably be less than a week. But I’ve been ‘all in’ on participating in this vacation each and every day - and even with all the activities and movement, 8 days of eating out and enjoying ice cream adds up! ⠀ But it does NOT mean I have to punish myself or quit on my WHY altogether! ⠀ All that is required is returning to my habits 🏋️‍♀️🥦🚶🏼‍♀️because I did not gain fat; I gained food in my belly, glycogen in my muscles, subcutaneous water under my skin. And ok MAYBE a pound of fat at most. Whatever. Can you see it?⠀ Maybe read that paragraph again 👆⠀ In the scope of my life, it makes a lot more sense for me to restore my ‘factory settings’ in a way that serves my long term goals, even if it does take a little bit longer.⠀ This is an essential mindset to embrace no matter what your goals are. Have patience. It will yield results that will allow you to live your life AND sustain your goals long term.⠀ I’ll take two weeks of a slow and steady pace back to ‘my normal’ in exchange for 8 days of family vacation bliss (all the 🍦🌮🍕+ memories to go along) every single time. ⠀ What’s your experience with getting back on track after vacation? I’d love to know how your timeline stacks up vs. mine because we are all so different!⠀ Please share 👇

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