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It's Festive Day! What that means for me...

It’s ‘Festive Day’ around here!⠀ For my kids that means a break from their school uniforms. This small change elicits so much freedom in their minds!⠀ For me it is the jarring reminder that Christmas is just one week away!⠀ In chaotic times like this, I know how easy it is to stress eat a costco-sized bag of peppermint chocolate pretzels. But if there is one thing I’ve learned from the unhinged, self-sabotaging behaviors that would surface this time of year, it is this:⠀ 👉If hunger is not the problem then food is not the solution⠀ So as you find yourself at the intersection of immediate satisfaction and delayed gratification, pause for a moment and finish this sentence before you proceed:⠀ ✨All I need is...⠀ Now I realize this grants you permission to take either road. But that’s the point. YOU get to choose your desired outcome. ⠀ Maybe it is a serving of pretzels or a glass of wine, and if so, I hope you take the time to sit down distraction-free and truly savor it! Preferably in the company of someone with whom you can enjoy the moment even more. That is a great choice because it will satisfy you in a way that mindless, solitary consumption will NOT.⠀ But maybe that isn’t want you need. Maybe you need a good nights sleep. An hour to yourself. A hot shower. A 20 minute tabata workout. A gentle walk with your dog. A warm drink. A quick reorganization of something to free up some physical space in your world.⠀ For me personally, I have come to realize that ‘All I Need’ in my moments of unrest, is something that will recenter me. All it takes is a 5 minute action. So set a timer and GO. I promise, if you don’t regain your composure in that time, whatever you truly need will still be there.⠀ Give yourself the grace and freedom today and always, to determine precisely what you need.⠀ What 5 minute actions have helped recenter you when life becomes downright disruptive??! ⠀ To center myself today, I’ll be recipe writing 🥳 WOW have I missed it!

December 18, 2019

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