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It's Cozy Time

It’s fall y’all!! 🧡🍁⠀ And with the brisk Wisconsin weather, I’m switching from sipping on sparkling water to something a little warmer and a lot more seasonal.⠀ Enter my coffee + hot chocolate + water brew that fills me up in more ways then one. ⠀ On those days when I’ve got cravings in high gear, this is a great option to satisfy me when I want something....but I’m not really hungry. ⠀ Basically it’s a warm hug in a mug 🤗⠀ 💫Sugar free hot chocolate mix 💫4 oz of coffee 💫8 oz hot water 💫Other fun suggestions below 💫Blend with a ‘lil milk frother if you’re feeling fancy Not into coffee? Hold the caffeine and just sip on the hot chocolate (I like the Nestle sugar free version I find on amazon) with a little extra water. Sweeten it with some stevia to make it stretch a bit further. Add a dash of peppermint extract or cashew milk for a little something extra.⠀ It’s warm, filling and exactly what I need to get out of that snacky space in my head. ⠀ It’s remarkable how distracted we can be by cravings, even those times when we’re not at all hungry! ⠀ Sometimes just an easy reset is all you need and before you know it, hours have passed and you’re on with your day, priorities still in tact. ⠀ Is it cold enough where you are to try this magical chocolate coffee blend? I hope so... 💫⠀

October 17, 2019

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