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Insecurities. We all have them and man do mine run deep. I could pick myself apart a thousand different ways on a thousand different days. And I know I’m not alone on this.⠀ But granting myself the grace I deserve is new practice for me, one that came with the realization that I am imperfectly human, and that literally, is the only requirement.⠀ My daughter unexpectedly snapped this picture, then asked me to post it. Candidly, I was not into it and laughed it off. But once I panned out and looked at what was happening, suddenly I felt a huge urge to share it.⠀ We are making carmelita bars, laughing and smiling in all our grubby, Saturday glory. It is literally a moment in time; one that we won’t ever get to live again. Five minutes later life was already different.⠀ These imperfect moments are what matter most in my life. And this one specifically, is a reflection of what I look like when I’m not attempting to pour from an empty cup. ⠀ The activities I enjoy implementing for my growth, some have judged as obsessive. But they actually tamp out so many negative thoughts because I realize, I CAN do things that once felt impossible. ⠀ From to counting macros, to periodizing my training, to furthering my education...all of it elevates me and contributes to the growth I strive to achieve. ⠀ But in this moment? I can see from the look in my daughter’s eyes, that while I’ll forever be a work in progress, I am simultaneously everything I was created to be. Insecurities and all 💝⠀ 📸: Tess⠀

September 29, 2019

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