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Incorporating Alcohol Into Your Macros

Let’s dive into incorporating alcohol into your macros! Basically, I can take it or leave it, and you’ll find me at the bar looking about as interested as my cat is in my progress photo here. ⠀ First of all, I am not an expert on this and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I am going to share in my stories some great resources created by people who do this better than me! But here is what I know to be true....⠀ While alcohol has a unique macronutrient profile (7 calories per gram vs. the 4 in carbs/protein or 9 in fat), it will still get metabolized by your body just like anything else you consume. It is not off limits!

HOWEVER, because it void of any nutrients, your body will prioritize eliminating it from your system before anything else. This means that when you have it, be aware that any food you consume alongside will more likely be stored as fat...IF you are eating in a surplus. Keep in mind that when shooting for fat loss, calories are king and as long as you are maintaining a proper deficit, you can fill those calories with anything you want. YES that includes wine!⠀ One reason alcohol just isn’t worth it to me is that it doesn’t fill me up - literally and figuratively. A few ounces of Rose will go right through me, and I’d much rather get those calories from something else I enjoy.

BUT context matters here, so if I’m out for dinner or on vacation and a drink or two sounds good I go for it! If it enhances my life experience in the moment, I’m all in! But for me, having a cocktail just to be social or wind down for the night doesn’t make sense because generally, it doesn’t align with my goals or satisfy a craving.⠀ When I do chose to drink, I like to mix an ounce of a clear alcohol like Titos or Grey Goose with a can of Zevia - current faves are Lemon Lime and Grapefruit. Then, I always have a glass of water before considering a second round.⠀ Questions? Leave them below!

August 20, 2019⠀

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