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In mid March it was time for a change...

Here is what I did:

PART 1:⠀

I’ve talked a lot about my nutritional periodization the past several weeks in stories, but haven’t assembled a post on it yet so here we are!⠀

In mid March it was time for a change. ⠀

I was feeling bloated all the time and I knew the culprit (eating primarily high volume, slow digesting -albeit delicious- meals), but I was having a hard time making the modifications out of laziness and accountability.⠀

The voices in my head telling me I was FINE:⠀

🌿These are 85-90% micro-nutrient dense foods⠀

☀️I have zero cravings and I am satisfied after every meal ⠀

💜 I truly love the way I eat⠀

I felt like I was checking the basic nutritional boxes...but knew I was not 🎯, where I wanted to be.⠀

Like anything (even water), there can be too much of a good thing. Basically switch out ‘high volume’ with high fat/carb and I had a dietary problem to solve, that was the same - just inverse - from the standard American diet.⠀

So I hired a coach! There is NOTHING like having some skin in the game to up your adherence and learn some necessary truths. Shout out to@carolineofenstein_tcm🙌⠀

Here is what she shifted:⠀

👉Lowered my protein from about 160 to 140⠀

👉Increased my carbs from 240 to 275⠀

👉Held me accountable for my fat target of 60, which I was rarely hitting⠀

👉Stabilized my fiber which went north of 50 every day⠀

Calories and training remained the same. Sleep and biofeedback were tracked along with metrics like weight, measurements and progress photos (swipe).⠀

It is not lost on me that this sounds like a ridiculous ‘challenge’ for many. Increasing fat and carbs and reducing protein is what we are all working to achieve in our reverse diet, living lifestyle lean efforts right?!⠀

But as I have been developing recipes, my goal has always been to target a ‘macro friendly’ split of high protein/moderate carb/low fat, which most of us NEED in the context of a cut. Couple mouthwatering meals with ones that actually catauplt you toward weighloss, and it was easy (preferential even) to keep eating them.⠀

But not in maintenance. At last not without some modifications.⠀

In part 2, I’ll share more about how things have changed.⠀

To be con’t.

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